About us

Ekin is an artistic agency which regroups a collective of artists in the live arts (theatre, dance, literature, music, short stories, etc.) Ekin means “Culture” in Turkish, and this serves as the base of all artists to not lose sight of their mission, which is the cultural aspect above all. We use art to share the cultures of the world (Canadian, Asian, African, European, Maghrebin, and those of First Nations).

Very active in the community and the professional field, Ekin Agency Arts offers live performances of theater, short-stories as well as dance choreographies for schools and community organizations. We also offer French-writing workshops. Furthermore, Ekin works with organizations that promote awareness of sensitive subjects (feminism, LGBTQ, newly arrived immigrants/refugees…) by offering drama-therapy workshops.

Since 2017, we have also reached out to the francophone schools by offering multi-art workshops during the lunch period. Ekin offers summer French immersion Multi-Arts camps in Ontario (Toronto and St. Catherine) as well as international multi-art camps (French – Canada) to promote awareness of sensitive subjects (feminism, LGBTQ, newly arrived immigrants and refugees, etc.) by offering drama-therapy workshops.


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