Elaine Li

Elaine has been involved in the Performing Arts for 5 years. With a background in journalism in China, she has done public speaking in Toronto through radio literature and theater. Passionate about the French language, she has participated in various reading, literature and poetry activities in French in Ontario. She very quickly fell in love with theater and the vision established by Adrienne Medjo. From then on she joined the Ekin collective and continues to work on productions such as “The Monologue of the Vagina” of Scuderia, “Poesic Jazz” with Ekin and ANF, “Ex-Île”: an Ekin and FrancoQueer production and finally in 2020, “Congo: The Afflicted Lung of Africa”.

Since 2020, Elaine has embarked on theater and dance projects with Ekin Agency Arts in French, English and Mandarin and has never stopped recreating herself.